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Ainsley Rodriguez
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Ainsley Rodriguez is a fitness model, trainer, and bikini competitor. Her fitness beginnings date back to 2008, when she was 16 years old. She wanted to gain some weight and tone on her frame, so she started going to the gym. She started fitness training as a simple hobby, but turned into a habit. Later, this turned to her career.

Ainsley Rodriguez was born in 1991, in Miami, Florida. She leads an active and healthy life as a child, being engaged in activities such as gymnastics and dance classes.

In 2012, Ainsley Rodriguez took part in her first-ever bikini competition, the NPC Dayana Cadeau Classic. Having had no expectations, she was amazed when she took home 3rd place in the B category that day.

By the age of 25, Ainsley became a fitness sensation – gaining masses of followers from all over the world. She also became an online coach, with expertise in nutrition and strength training.

Ainsley Rodriguez typical diet consists of seven meals a day, which translates to one meal every two and a half hours. Each of these meals consists of around five ounces of protein and four ounces of complex carbohydrates. She avoids adding any artificial sweeteners to her foods and replaces shakes with whole meals as often as possible after workouts.

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