Frida Paulsen

Frida Paulsen
March 27, 2023 0 Comments

Frida Paulsen is a Swedish fitness model and bikini competitor. She competed in Mr Olympia, Arnold Classic Ohio and other IFBB pro tournaments.

Frida Paulsen was born in Sweden and during her youth, she was a successful soccer player. Growing up, she was one of the top female soccer players in the country. However, her desires changed as the years passed – she slowly became more interested in strength training and stepping on the bikini fitness stage. Her soccer career ended in 2014 and since then she started to invest more time in weightlifting and bikini competitions.

The fitness debut of Frida Paulsen came in late 2014, at the Body Classic in Stockholm, and successfully she won the show with a strong performance. She continued her streak of great results later on by winning several other top competitions. Throughout her impressive career as a bikini competitor, Frida Paulsen represented the Swedish national team at the European Championships, and has won the Loaded Cup in Denmark, and took home an impressive 5th place at the Arnold Classic. Besides being a successful competitor, Frida is also a certified personal trainer and a nutritionist.

In her young years she won the Arnold Classic Europe 2015 Junior and Loaded Cup 2015 Junior. The same year she won also Loaded Cup 2015 and was second in Sweden Grand Prix 2015.

After her 6th place position at the European Championships, Frida Paulsen stopped competing for some time. During that period, she decided to pursue a personal training and nutritionist career. Almost one year after, she earned the certification and became an online coach.

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