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Lauren Simpson is a fitness and bikini model originally from Australia. Surely you have also come across her photos around the internet, where you can find a huge amount of them.

Lauren Simpson was born in 1990 in Sydney, Australia. She has always lived in a very intense way, even in her childhood she was involved in group sports such as netball and football. In her childhood, Lauren was underweight and ate unhealthy, spending her time doing long cardio workouts and preferring unhealthy foods. During this period, she is extremely uneducated when it comes to nutrition, she does not understand the importance of food, nor what benefits the relevant nutrients bring to the body. He tortures his body to the limit of its capabilities by consuming a minimal amount of food. That is, Lauren perceives the “fitness obsession” in an extremely unhealthy way. During this period of her life, she has a distorted view of her body and of nutrition.

Lauren Simpson fitness

Her passion for fitness took her to the INBA Sydney Super Bodies and the INBA Southern Cross Championships where she won first place.

For her first fitness competition, Lauren Simpson started preparing just 9 weeks before she stepped on the podium. For this competition, she aims to gain more muscle mass. He started eating a lot more carbs than before (high-carb diet), stopped doing cardio, and focused on weights. Her body gradually begins to change and her curves become more visible. Two weeks before the race, Lauren began to reduce her carbohydrate intake and added circuit training aimed at increasing strength and cardio endurance.

Lauren Simpson advocates for women to train with weights and not associate weights solely with men’s exercises. Women don’t have to worry about excessive muscle growth that happens in men.

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