Stronger legs workout

Stronger legs workout
July 12, 2021 0 Comments

Awesome full gym Stronger legs workout that doesn’t leave you wanting more, presented by the hot fitness trainer Ida Jemina.

The workout includes:
– Rear lunges (3 series x 10 reps)
– Front squats (3 series x 10 reps)
– Dumbbell step-ups (3 series x 15 reps)
– Sumo squats (6 series x 15 reps)
– Romanian Dumbbell deadlifts (3 series x 10 reps)
– Weighted calf raises (3 series x 10 reps)

Make the step-ups as a superset with sumo squats. So after each step-up set make a sumo squat set without taking a break in between. It’s a challenging one but so worth it.

Here is the video of Stronger legs workout: