Three-day workout routine for women

women fitness routine
October 26, 2021 0 Comments

This workout plan divides the muscle groups into two separate days and one day is only for cardio. The first day focuses on the lower body, the second on the upper body, and the third on cardio activity.

The break between sets is 60 seconds. Up to 2 minutes of rest is allowed between different exercises.

Regarding the number of repetitions, you aim for the maximum load on the muscle, because it “knows” how much you loaded it, not how many pounds you lifted or how many repetitions you did. Always work to failure, but of course, do the exercises correctly.

It would be good on the days when you are not at the gym to do cardio. Your cardio workout doesn’t have to be in the gym. It can be very diverse. You can ride a bike, run, walk fast.

You can even run up the stairs. Other options are jumping rope, boxing drills. The options are many, just a desire to have. If you want to “clear” excess fat without a diet you will not pass. Don’t be fooled that the diet is starvation. The diet is proper nutrition. There are those for weight gain and there are others for weight loss.

By weight loss diet, we mean a diet in which you are energy deficient, ie. you consume less energy through food than you expend. You can find some tips on how to get rid of excess fat in this article or in this one.

Workout plan:
First day – lower abdomen (legs) and cardio
Second day – rest
Third day – upper part (back, chest, shoulder, triceps, biceps), abdomen, cardio
Fourth day – rest
Fifth day – cardio + abdomen + ass
Sixth day – rest
Seventh day – rest